Q: What is Syosset Park?


Syosset Park is a world-class, “smart-growth”, town center that will feature a variety of residential ownership choices, shops, restaurants, corporate style offices, entertainment, desired hotel choices in the heart of the village, and a 30-acre community park, in a fully integrated setting. It is a true walking village that honors the promises made to local residents to build a community center that primarily fits the needs of the northern Oyster Bay villages and hamlets, and not build a mega-mall that was staunchly opposed.

Q: Where is Syosset Park located?


Syosset Park is located on 90 acres that were the former Cerro Wire property Robbins Lane, and the former Town of Oyster Bay Public Works site and former landfill site the community voted to sell to Syosset Park Development, LLC, in the southwest corner of the hamlet of Syosset, Town of Oyster Bay, New York.

Q: Is Syosset Park a mall?


No. Syosset Park is not a mall of any sort. It reflects what the community has always wanted - a live, work, play and relax environment with passive and active amenities and entertainment for every age group - and that is what we plan to deliver.

Q: How will Syosset Park impact traffic?


Syosset Park will have significantly less peak-hour traffic generated than was projected under the mega-mall plan, and far less than “by right” office campus or major industrial/business park campuses would generate. By creating this live, work, relax and play environment, with a balanced mix of uses that do not have peak traffic times overlapping each other (in stark contrast to single purpose malls, office or industrial campuses), independent studies show these types of villages are far less auto-centric at those peak hours when compared to like-size single purpose developments.

Smart-growth, mixed-use means offering a “park once” environment. For office workers, having the ability to stay in the village for lunch or stay after for dinner or to pick up basics before heading home. For residents living at Syosset Park or staying at the hotels, it means being able to walk to shopping, a market, a wide variety of dining options, a theater, and access to a number of public greens and a village square, as well as a 30-acre park for exercise or just enjoy. And for those in near proximity, it means easy access to all of these amenities that a mega-mall, and office campus or a large industrial/business park would not provide. “Park once” means far fewer auto trips “to and from” as you would see in a typical suburban neighborhood, where virtually every trip requires a car. Which means less in’s and out’s on surrounding streets, and far less severe “peak hour” traffic impacts normally associated with single use properties.

And quite simply, when one third of Syosset Park is designated exclusive to passive park purposes (versus large parking lots to support a mall, office campus or industrial park), and even more is set aside for neighborhood and village parks, plazas and greens – only 60% of the site will be developed for active uses. Imagine a place you can walk to, or let your kids safely ride bikes to, or access behind the school safely – versus needing a car to have those opportunities.

Q: What are the plans for Syosset Park?


Syosset Park will include a variety of housing choices, shops, restaurants, entertainment, and a 30- acre park that will serve the entire community. And it is our intent to allow the community to be our lead “designers” of the park.

Q: How do you get around Syosset Park and what can you do there?


Syosset Park is a walkable village that will serve as a town square for the greater Syosset area, very much in keeping with the traditional village and hamlet centers of the north shore. Parking will be distributed evenly in the village, with traditional on-street parallel parking part of the fiber of the village, as well as plentiful parking just for the park portion of the site. We envision opportunities for community events, farmers markets, winter ice skating, summer festivals, pumpkin patch and holiday activities, live music events, and much more, in addition to shopping, dining, basic local services, and evening entertainment.

Q: What features will the 30-acre park have?


We thought through this quite a bit – and decided the best park would be one that is a reflection of those most likely to use and enjoy it regularly. So we’re turning over the vision of the park to our neighbors, the community of Syosset.

We envision a community-designed local sanctuary -- a place where children and adults can gather to enjoy outdoor activities, sports, playgrounds, running trails … or simply just to come and relax. We are inviting kids (from 1 to 92) from the local community to share with us their ideas for a dream park. Your child can submit their ideas by drawing a picture of what they want the park to look like and uploading it here. [link to park page]

The entire design will be driven by YOU the community and we look forward to bringing your great ideas to life.

Q: Does the community have a say in the plan for Syosset Park?


Yes. We are dedicated to building a town center that reflects the needs and wants, and to enhance the quality of life for Syosset residents. It is our goal to have Syosset Park reflect as not only a world class standard for a town center, but also an extension of the value of living in Syosset for local residents. We are holding a number of community forums and open houses over the next several months to allow local residents to ask questions and offer their insight. You can learn more about these events by clicking here Town Hall Meetings.

We are committed to ensuring Syosset Park captures the vision of the community when you said the preference was for “Alternate Development” in the form of smart-growth, mixed-use, as opposed to a megamall on this site, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Q: Will there be parking at Syosset Park?


Yes. Syosset Park will have a variety of parking options, including dedicated residential parking that will be private to the housing units. There will also be plentiful parking along and within the edges of the park, so those coming just for the park are not competing for parking with the rest of the village.

Q: How long will it take to build Syosset Park?


We have developed a program that will allow for a logistical phasing of the construction. The town square would open first with a four to five year phased completion of the remaining components of Syosset Park.